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Unique Art Pieces Created By Local Artists

a graffiti covered wall

See why Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach has the best restaurants and hotel accommodations in downtown WPB. Our boutique hotel and two accompanying restaurants are locally inspired as a nod to the history of WPB.

Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach features beautiful, custom-made art pieces created by local artists. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces compliment the trendy, open, and airy vibe throughout the entire boutique hotel. Keep reading to learn more about the unique pieces of that are integrated into Canopy.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evila graffiti covered wall

As you visit Treehouse, our public rooftop bar and lounge, don’t miss all the locally inspired elements that make this area stand out! While you’re enjoying a delicious handmade cocktail on the 13th floor, check out the artwork made by a local artist, Falves. Falves created his vibrant take on the classic “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” painting. These paintings hang on an impressive coral limestone wall that was hand chiseled by a local artist and put into place piece by piece to elevate our space. 

Hand-Crafted Millworka wooden table

As you walk through Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach your eyes will be drawn to the beautiful hand-crafted millwork made by the same artist that created the coral limestone wall at Treehouse. This phenomenal artist hand-torched the wood to give off the authentic “treehouse” feel we were looking to feature.

Concrete Columnsa vase of flowers on a plant

We spy an easter egg! Have you noticed the special details written onto the concrete columns in Banter? Local artist, Tiago, wrote in abstract the lyrics to Johnny Cash’s song “Orange Blossom Special” that reference Johnny Cash’s journey from New York City down to West Palm Beach to see his friend.

Creative Headboards 

a close up of a painted wall

Inspiration from the "Orange Blossom Special" can also be found throughout our modern rooms and suites at Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach. Our fantastic headboards have been purposely crafted to add beauty and a splash of color to each room.

Featuring local artists is essential to us at Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach, as we invest in our local community and small businesses. Next time you visit us, be sure to stop and take some pics in front of these unique, custom works. 

Banter at Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach is located in downtown West Palm Beach. Find us inside Canopy, a boutique hotel at 380 Trinity Pl, West Palm Beach, FL. Our open and airy 6-story atrium and nature-inspired space will surround you as you dine! Enjoy inspired dishes and handcraft cocktails that will deliver delectable flavors in every bite. Reservations can be made through our profile on Open Table. For even more Banter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.