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Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach | Our Plantique Partnership Makes Our Space Beautiful

a piece of broccoli sitting on top of a wooden table

a vase of flowers on a table

Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach blends nature and industrial articulate throughout our boutique hotel. Our partnership with Plantique shows the evolution of West Palm Beach. Together, we have created beautiful plantscapes to bring warmth throughout our space.

How to Care for Indoor Plants

The secret to healthy indoor plants is practicing proper care techniques. Just ask the experts at Plantique, the interior and exterior plantscape pros who've partnered with Canopy by Hilton- West Palm Beach to provide service to the lush greenery that resides within Banter and the hotel. All plants have their unique quirks, but it is just as important to understand the essentials of basic house plant care. 

a vase of flowers on a table

Keeping Indoor Plants Healthy

There are so many benefits to having plants in your home or business. Having better air quality will improve your health, mood, anxiety, creativity, and ability to focus. Not maintaining a lush, natural area will put a real damper on the space you are designing. Plantique services the house plants in Banter once a week to ensure its guests are dining in an environment where wood-toned industrial meets green oasis. If you struggle with indoor plant care turning around your house plant skills is simple.

Plants need a few very simple things to thrive. Water, soil, and sunlight in various amounts is the key. The foundation for a healthy plant is the soil that it is going to live in. Most plants will do fine in any indoor potting soil that you can find at the home improvement store. Sunlight will need to be limited for certain indoor plants but wonderful for most. This may be direct or indirect sunlight, depending on the plant. Water is critical to keeping plants alive, however, the amount can be tricky. 

a vase of flowers on a table

How Often Should You Water?

The amount of water is going to depend on your climate and the type of plant you are tending to. Unfortunately, watering issues are the most common reason for failed plant care. Always check to see if the soil is dry and the leaves are wilting. This is a good clue to indicate the plant is in need of a drink. Some plants, especially in steamy West Palm Beach, may need more water than others. If you are questioning the amount, always use caution and water less. 

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Choose The Best Indoor Plants for Your Environment

If you are unsure of what house plants would fit your needs, come check out the plantscape inspirations located inside Banter at Canopy by Hilton- West Palm Beach. Here you will find an open-air atrium that is perfect for housing the beautiful house plants and decorative containers designed through their partnership with Plantique.

Banter at Canopy by Hilton - West Palm Beach is located in downtown West Palm Beach. Find us inside Canopy, a boutique hotel at 380 Trinity Pl, West Palm Beach, FL. Our open and airy 6-story atrium and nature-inspired space will surround you as you dine! Enjoy inspired dishes and handcraft cocktails that will deliver delectable flavors in every bite. Reservations can be made through our profile on Open Table. For even more Banter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.