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The Best Drinks For Our Favorite Breakfast Menu Items

The Best Drinks For Our Favorite Breakfast Menu Items

We know that a great meal tastes even better when you add a drink that is perfectly paired! Our talented Chef Eduardo Ruberte and creative mixologists have teamed up to offer a delicious menu full of inspiring food and beverages, where delectable combinations are endless. Today we are sharing our best drink recommendations for our favorite breakfast menu items. 

Banter is located in Downtown West Palm Beach on the main level of Canopy by Hilton. We opened our doors as a new restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL, in early June 2020. As one of the best restaurants downtown, our seasonal menus and live events will keep you coming back for more! Our menu infuses local West Palm Beach and Florida cuisines for a one-of-a-kind downtown West Palm Beach experience. We partner with local and quality suppliers to ensure Banter is the best place to eat! 

What is your favorite meal of the day? We love them all! Check out our pairings below to find your next breakfast at Banter in Canopy by Hilton.

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Our breakfast menu offers healthy choices that are light and refreshing, as well as comforting dishes that will keep you fueled for the day! Join us daily for breakfast from 7 to 11 am at Banter in downtown West Palm Beach in Canopy by Hilton. 

East Coast Toast and Passion Fruit Mimosa

Artisan bread featuring smashed creamy avocado and watermelon radish, this fresh dish pairs well with our Passion Fruit Mimosa for a refreshing meal.

Signature Lobster Benny and a Latte Featuring Oceana Coffee

Smooth Oceana Coffee is lovely black or as the foundation of a latte. Enjoy it with our Lobster Benny featuring caviar hollandaise and potato hash for a luxurious start to your morning. 

Breakfast Turkey BLT and Mango Peach Mimosa

Smoke turkey and maple bacon combine for a flavorful twist on the classic BLT. Paired with a Mango Peach Mimosa, this combination will make your morning. 

Health Parfait and Thank You Berry Much Smoothie

Florida berries and local honey shine through in this light and healthy dish. You will thank us when you order our morning juice revivers featuring antioxidant-packed acai and blueberries. 

So when you are searching for the best place to eat near you, think of Banter for breakfast! Which dishes are you looking forward to trying on your next visit?

We will be sharing our best drink and menu item pairings for brunch and dinner in the coming months. Make sure to stay tuned, so you don’t miss our delightful suggestions! 

Banter at Canopy by Hilton West Palm Beach is located in downtown West Palm Beach. Find us inside Canopy, a boutique hotel at 380 Trinity Pl, West Palm Beach, FL. Our open and airy 6-story atrium and nature-inspired space will surround you as you dine! Enjoy inspired dishes and handcraft cocktails that will deliver delectable flavors in every bite. Reservations can be made through our profile on Open Table. For even more Banter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.